At Southern Sports and Health Massage we specialise in the following treatments:

Remedial Massage
Remedial Massage is an invigorating treatment concerntrating on increasing blood circulation to the muscles and identifying and relieving stress tension.

Deep Tissue Corrective Massage
Assists in identifying energy blocks and muscle spasm in the body which can result in restriction of muscles and joints, causing pain and disfunction.

Athlete Specific
Is designed for the treatment and rehabilitation of Sports Injury and to assist athletes by working in conjunction with their specific training program in preparation for racing and competition. A postural assessment is part of this treatment to assist in identifying regions of restriction and structural weakness which can compromise the form and performance of the athlete.

Corrective Exercise Therapy
An exercise rehabilitation program to assist in creating positive structural and functional changes and improvements.

Cranio Sacral Therapy
Is a gentle holistic technique used in identifying restriction and regions of dysfunction affecting the Central Nervous System. This treatment is valuable in delivering reasons why the body may not be functioning Optimally. CranioSacral Therapy is useful in the treatment of stress, anxiety, headaches, migrain and also for general relaxation.
Pre Surgery Preparation & Post Surgery Rehabilitation
If you are preparing for any surgery like hip, shoulder, knee or spinal surgery we can assist you with a pre surgery Massage program.
Massage is an excellent way to prepare for surgery because it relaxes the muscles that are being affected by your current joint or spinal pain and ailment.
After your surgery you can continue with your Massage program to encourage your body to heal post-surgery.
What we do require from you for this program is a letter from your Doctor or Surgeon to say it’s ok for you to have Massage.