Lifestyle & Training Tips

Lifestyle & Training Tip # 1:

What lies beneath:

Before embarking on a training or exercise schedule have a look at what is going on under the surface… what does this mean?? It’s great to find out how your body is going underneath the surface, what your blood pressure is, what your immune levels are, what your cholesterol levels are, what foods you may be allergic to, if you have any vitamin or mineral deficiencies, if you have any spinal misalignments, what you can do about those old niggles in your body that make you tight and tired and affect your general lifestyle, training and ultimately race day!!

The importance of this is that it controls what is happening on the surface level, how you are feeling, how you recover from training, your general mood, how you interact with people, your work life and your family life…. If you are tired or fatigued and maybe have a constant cold or flu it may be from something other than not enough sleep or over training and this is worth looking into.

When we have pain in our body it decreases our energy, when we have food allergies it again decreases our energy and the same for vitamin or mineral deficiencies. When we are training and working in a deficient system our body is in a constant state of reaction and is not responding. In the reactive phase our system will inflame and therefore not grow and flourish, this can give you the feeling that you are doing a lot of training and nothing is really happening or changing. Only in the responsive phase can our body repair, recover and get stronger and fitter.

Because the body takes what it can where it can for you to keep on keeping on it will usually lean heavily on your Adrenal System  causing adrenal fatigue, which can give you the feeling that you are always tired and maybe even have a constant cold or flu feeling.

The thing is you can’t outthink or trick a body in a deficient system so it’s best to get it all looked at the have the healthiest and strongest system you can have!

“To keep our body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to our mind strong and clear” Buddha


Lifestyle & Training Tip #2

Keep it real

This is about managing your expectations. When you line up your races for the season be sure to have a realistic look at your current health status. This leads on from training tip #1 to know exactly what is going on with your body. Its great to plan your season but it’s vital to know your fitness and endurance levels. Injuries can occur when your body is not ready for what you want to do. It can start with some muscle tightness then lead to ligament and joint issues causing the body to be out of alignment and also significantly affect your form and performance in training.

It’s also about honesty, be honest with yourself about your current fitness level, be honest with your coach or mentor about how many hours of training you can do in regards to work and family life and at what level so it is achievable and consistent.

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity” JFK


Lifestyle & Training Tip #3

Knowledge is power

Knowing how your body works is a major part of your training and preparation for competition. In your chosen discipline of Triathlon you are asking a lot from your body, expecting to back up after big training sessions so you can do more training the next day.

The body is a beautiful, complex system and it is usually through injury or body breakdown that athletes learn about their body but is doesn’t have to be that way. With improvements in technology all of our enquiries are literally at our fingertips, so you can educate yourself with the help of the written word or through your Masseur, Physiotherapist, coach or training mentor. This is a vital discipline in your training in the area of injury prevention.

Too many times triathletes have become injured due to overtraining and not being realistic about what their body is capable of at the time, the result of that is poor performance on race day and possibly injuries and illnesses to put you out for the season.

“Human behaviour flows from three main sources: desire, emotion and knowledge” Plato


Lifestyle & Training Tip #4

Prepare the way

Preparation is key. You know what you want to do well at the same time you must know what you need and have to do to get to the start line and of course ultimately the finish line.

Most triathlon programmes work on a 12 week preparation schedule, so working out what works best for you is the first step, time management, realistic goal setting, seeking advice from a good source all prepare the foundation for your visions and goals for the season.

Preparation for a race should always include rest, this is what helps your body to recover and rebuild.

This also involves your nutrition, booking your massage appointments, stretching program and having the support of your family and friends.

“ the will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital” Joe Paterno


Lifestyle & Training Tip #5

The Pit Crew

It’s time to get your resources together, working together for you!!

What is a pit crew?

A pit crew are a group of professionals that take care of you, keep you on track, keep you informed and help keep you fit, healthy and competitive!!!

A Pit Crew might look something like this:

A great and wise coach/Training Mentor          Friends and Family support

An amazing professional Masseur                     An exceptional bike mechanic

A fantastic Physiotherapist                               An innovative Nutrionist

An interested GP                                                An awesome Acupuncturist

A gifted Chiropractor/Kinesiologist


These are the people that you trust to look after you and help you recover from training and back up for the next training sessions.

These are the people that get you ready to compete!

These are people that you trust 100% with your body, your beliefs and your goals!

These are the people that believe in you!!!



I hope these tips have been helpful to you and your training /competition and  your own vision and goals!!

Be Healthy. Stay Healthy